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[img]PLACE PIC HERE[/img]

[b]Basic Info[/b]

Name: Duh
Age: Take a guess
Gender: Male, female, herm, whatever
Race: Any species native to Hyrule and it's universe.

-This field is optional. They'll be used for a special battle arena. The stats will not effect rping outside it, but can be used as guidelines to character abilities if you wish. Rank each between 1 and 100,000-
Attack: Melee power.
Ranged Attack:  Attack power with magic and projectiles.
Defense: Ability to defend against attacks.
Speed: How fast and agile you are.
Pred: Skill at swallowing others.
Prey:  Skill at avoiding being eaten.

[b]Vore Prefs[/b]
Vore Prefs: Are you pred, prey, or both?
Vore Types: What types can you do, or like done on you?
Preferred Pred/Prey: Favorite species, ages, genders, etc, to eat or be eaten by.
Dislikes: Anything you really dislike?


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